1 thought on “I’ve been told by God that mediation and yoga help. What do you think?

  1. Now just my own little commentary; taking into your mouth, anything then what God has provided you, as Dr. Spock used to say “that’s not logical”.

    The evidence is there and our government has known about it for years “open paragraph 80).

    Now our government doesn’t want us to know. The We too have access to all the information.
    These two patients; ….well, they should be provided all the knowledge as well.

    Here is a simple truth cannabis cures cancer’s.

    Most people think of automatically, Is how bad marijuana is. Cannabis cures cancer. Cannabis cures cancer. Cannabis cures cancer.

    And no I am not a doctor or license to give advice of any kind but this is what God has told me to share with you.

    There are edibles, oil’s you can place in your body that cures cancer. There are smokable’s out there which may have the ability to open up your bronchial passages. (It work for my sister-in-law).
    There are a variety of different oil is made from the hemp plant, which can be added to your body and get heal,


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