80 follows!

yes 80 follows! is now the time for me to get naked selfies? not 1 girl has sent me a naked selfie. how many follows roughly do i need before i will be sent naked selfies? i am willing to write any kind of blog. and say anything to get those naked selfies. i will […]



Watch Lady Gaga’s breathtaking Super Bowl performance of the National Anthem

This southerner was told his accent was “offensive” and “not intelligent.” His response? Wow!

Ok! Let me be very clear about this, i will never, never use WordPress.com again…July is my date.. And I’d they can’t. Kmart their… View…my site …They don’t have your interest at hand either…if, and I repeat if… They have someone available ,p you…they, may be there…l don’t count on it ….we…..WE CAN DO BETTER…..ITS NOT ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY THEY MAKE…SOMEONE SHOULD COMPLAIN. THE SUCH….. GOD BLESS. WORDPRESS.COM. IS HORRIBLE….

SO PLEASE DONT CONTACT,E LIKE YOU HAVE IN THE LAST-TWO YEARS…IM DONE WITH YOU… IJUST ENDED VERISON…. MY INSURANCE carrier as well….if you can’t provide services… It’s time for you to go..oh, and tell that to FeinstrienNd Boxers as well..assholes…and they well be the first to tell you……oh well we don’t have a phone system to help you…..then…..you have failed…..

L.lis that clear….God bless. Assholes ….just another company that has ripped me off. “”……,,.,..en  
My Ipad will not let me access WordPress? It will start to load then throw me out. So to make it clear…. My iPhone is fine. Question: Can you help me a figure out why my iPad keeps throwing me out before it will load? It seemed to start after an error report was forwarded.
We are only a country of guns, because it was guns that help creat country. Hitler walked into Austria and convince them to surrender their weapons….. And Mussolini did the same thing to Italy. And both were quickly concord. God bless, and unchainthetree.com. That should be your question……QUESTION; Why has the American government continually attempted over the last 80 years, using and controlling ever form of media, for the purposes of Demonizing one particular plant to the point of near extinction? That would be the first question you should be asking your government? They know. Trust me and so I.

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