By Mindi Russell

THERE IS GOOD OUT OF TRAGEDY”…doesn’t make sense, or does it?
Those of us who have lived through a tragedy and those of us who serve others in tragedies can see this statement to be true.
No, tragedies are not good.
No, what happened to you isn’t good.
Yes, out of pain can come peace.
Yes, out of crisis, can come hope.
Yes, out of tragedies can come a Good God that continues to carry you through it, provide all you need to move forward, and never leaves you, no matter what.
Tragedies happen. To good people. But you don’t have to “stay” there.
You can take this tragedy, and
Choose to make a new normal.
Choose to heal from this tragedy with a scar instead of a scab.
Choose to grieve good, accept good, and see good out of this tragedy.

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