Hindu Kashmiris, driven from their homes by the separatists and used as pawns by Hindu nationalists, will continue to rot away as refugees in Jammu. Muslim Kashmiri separatists will continue to perish in their futile but unremitting confrontations with security forces. A surface calm may once again return to Kashmir. But when the next eruption occurs, India will have no right to be surprised. Kapil Komireddi is a frequent contributor to The National Add your comment View all comments Related India forces use tear gas and water cannons to stop Kashmir students protesting India’s shifting role in Middle East affairs Why is Kashmir always so tense? Kashmiris suffer while India and Pakistan quarrel MOST VIEWED 1Iran’s election is soon, but still there is no clarity 2Islamic clothing is changing the fashion world. But it will not dismantle the desire to judge women 3What Isra wal Miraj can teach us about tolerance 4The complex backstory of the Qatari hostage deal 5India’s shifting role in Middle East affairs Sections Video Favourites Search Mobile site | Desktop site Contact Us Terms & Conditions

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