Gil I copied and pasted, then reread it and Saw the (absolutely)…. I realized, not particulatly enjoying the foul language, changed your fuck using symbols, so …… damn good smokie, smoke, what we’re you talking about. Shit, damn I got lost again. God bless, good morning, happy Mother’s Day week end

I don’t give a flying f;,) who you do or don’t support. I’ll make this clear and move on… You burn or place your feet on our flag or even condone the idea… You are not my friend Period!!! That’s not me deleting or un-following due to politics. That’s a downright shame and dishonor to the men and women who have had that very flag draped over their caskets after they died for it. Protest all you want, say as you please, but keep the flames and feet off the fabric.🇺🇸🇺🇸 Copy and paste if you agree! (Absolutely) agree

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