From Mindi Russell, with God’s love

So what happens to someone who consistently suppresses his own will in favor of submitting to someone else’s will?
That someone gains weight.
You don’t gain physical pounds, instead you gain the weight of choices, actions and commitments that are not your own.
Over time, this weight grows until the majority of your focus and effort each day is invested in pursuing the desires of others. You think they are your desires, but you are wrong. You just can’t see that you are wrong because it has become your habit to ignore reality.
You think you are living your life, but in reality, you are too scared to live your life. Instead, you live what others would have for your life.
If you’re carrying around extra weight like I’ve described, today is the day to drop it. ALL OF IT. It requires only a decision to be your real self and the courage to stand in that authenticity.
We are here for a reason and it’s high time that we all start living that out. GOD has a perfect plan for us, and we live with joy when we please God instead of pleasing people.
Your choices require no one’s approval and there’s no need to provide an explanation. There is only a requirement to act.
My hunch is that there are things you are holding onto in your life and business that simply are no longer worthy of your time. Maybe they never even were.
It’s just not a good use of your life to hang on. Think big, act big. Release what is not yours to carry. Don’t be afraid to move on.
Give yourself permission to do this. Give yourself permission to “lighten up.”
Because it is only when you lighten up that you will fly.

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