Years ago out of Stockton I was in a boat fishing with this, let’s just say, a much older man. He was a retired 20 year marine. He was a great man. Now he told me that he would support the president of United States, regardless who the American people choose. Personally I’ve been in uniform most of my life. I stand for the national anthem. Should the flag go by, I hand salute. I understand the stars and stripes. It has been part of my life. And I will always support my president. I supported President Obama, President Clinton, President Bush… on and so on….why? That’s just part of our creed.

And yes they have all done many things I have not always agreed with, but the Office of the Presidency deserves my respect, like it or not, he is the Commander in Chief of our military. Anyone who has served understands that. God bless us all

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