I hope you don’t mind… I posted to my website, I would like to get a public waive in. I actually enjoy being proved wrong. Fake news has been warping thought for a long time, starting for me in 1972 when I joined the Vietnam war. I have published to; well you know”. Unchainthetree.com”. A site you know nothing about nor have you visited. Your words not mine, I would never intentionally put words I your mouth.

Ok Ron I’m going to put 5 disappointments and lies at a time. The list will keep growing. Feel free to rebut to this post.

Trump administration list of lies

1. Accused a past president or anyone of a crime with no evidence at all just a guess. And ask congress to investigate his baseless claims. Mind you investigation are not free.
2. Make efforts into hindering a legitimate investigation
3. Promise to have Mexico pay for a wall but start construction on it using taxpayer dollars (weather on not if you like the idea or not) and have no agreement in place.
4. Try to shut down and delegitimize the press.
5. Poorly vetted cabinet picks. Even when warned.

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