From Mindi Russell, good morning and God bless

I DONT KNOW…ever have that uneasy, not sure, anxious feeling and you can’t find a reason for it? Sometimes you just wake up and have this “feeling” and not sure what to do with it? It is not worry. It is not guilt. It is not anything that was unsettled from yesterday’s words or actions. It just is.
When I wake up to this, I grab this moment as an opportunity to seek God, deeper. Pray for wisdom for the coming day, coming hours.
I tend to believe that God is getting my attention to be more sensitive to the prayer that will begin between us.
When I quiet myself, thoughts of people that I know, people that I love, and sometimes people that I dont know well, but God brought into my life for a season, come to mind.
Since God knows everything, and I dont. I get to stand in the gap for those that He loves and I pray for them. If I know their name, I will call out their name.
Sometimes I pray with a direction that is also prompted, or sometimes it just a prayer of God providing all that this person needs that day: protection, direction, wisdom, healing.
That this person will have a closer relationship with God.
That this person will prosper in all that they do as their soul prospers.
Today, I prayed for you. I prayed God’s blessings over all you do today.
May you see God proud of you, loving you, and enjoying time with you.
May you find peace today in the midst of noise and busyness.
May you be confident that God is pleased with you.
May you be in God’s Will, in God’s time, in God’s Way.

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