This is for Tom…I hope it helps

Oh no my brother, Tom there is a lot of research out there that will tell you, marijuana, especially Sativa, the female plant, has been used by many musician and artist for the purposes of creation. From Monks in Egypt to political people… I’ve been told that Oppenheimer and Einstein have even imbibed. So to all who read this… take these negative comments on marijuana with a grain of salt…. do your own homework. Starting with the Emperor Wears No Clothes, by Jack Herer, great read, Hemp What the World Needs Now by, R. Robinson. I’m 62 and became a patient when I was 50, started my own blog, after I educated myself…. you too can become informed and realize the importance on this God given plant….. Genesis 1:29…. and finally for the money seekers on the back cover of Jack Herer’s book. If you can prove anything written wrong or incorrect, The family will pay you one million dollars… hey that makes it worth reading, Right? Jack died several years ago but his book has been around along time.

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