just for you. God bless


Although I personally enjoy your particular style of entertainment, there are certain topics I will not go to on my website. However if you would post something, non-erotic, I would be more than happy to reblog. I would much rather have viewers attention to the issue rather than to a woman’s Attributes. Do you know what I mean? I want the world to focus on the urgency of legalizing cannabis. And if you feel me that’s OK, I don’t want them feeling themselves. And although I have contributors, as it stands your website is too pornographic. For that reason I hope you understand, no offense, I need to block you. Good luck with your site. You are definitely not alone on the net. I on the other hand desire to stay unique and offer items of speciality. Not that which I can see in my own boudoir. And as always unchainthetree.com


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