Controversy… Controversy at the congressional, cabinet, and presidential level. Every period in history and every administration has events and controversy to deal with but think back during your lifetime. When have we ever been hit with so much in a relatively short period of time? Once upon a time, there was the Kennedy assassination, the Viet Nam war, Watergate, and 9/11 to name but a few.Now with a single administration within an 8 or 9-month period, we have it seems a growing list of controversy and investigation. A partial list includes things like allegations of presidential election manipulation by a foreign government, possible collusion by a better part of a national political party and a presidential candidate with his election team knowingly participating in and supporting that foreign intervention. Then in no particular order, we have things like misogyny and grabbing female genitals, alleged sexual misconduct of various types, belittling the handicapped, racism with race superiority groups, the whole health care controversy coming down to offering a plan that nobody wants or will benefit from simply because it follows through on a campaign promise to remove the ACA. There are discussions or cuts in the EPA, the wilderness protection areas, the workplace safety areas, the education department, and a move to protect campus assault suspects from unfair prosecution.There is talk about cutting Social Security as well as Medicare. There is a denial of science and climate change as well as a huge proposal to increase defense and military spending when there are so many other areas that truly need the money.Then we can go back to claims of treason, building a border wall, addressing the UN and threatening world leaders with nuclear annihilation.There is the credibility issue with just about any and all statements coming from the White House being fact-checked since so much has been claimed that wasn’t true or only partially true.Then we have the popular vote issue versus the electoral college and the whole fairness of the election. This rambling list is only a small part of the mess and it is all overlayed with claims of fake news, biased reporting, and otherwise questionable sources for the whole thing…Anyway, my point is to ask when in anybody’s recollection have we ever been so totally overrun by controversy and investigations? Why is it happening?

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