From Dave Pitman, thanks Dave.

Ok funny story, and heartwarming : So I volunteer for the American Cancer Society and I drive cancer patients to their treatments. I just started so it’s new to me. My first patient was Olivia. So I call and confirm our trip and I find her to be a blast, fun to talk to for somebody that I have never met, and who is very sick. She seems more worried about me and my trip to her house than she is about herself. When I arrive at her residence the following day she is out front. She doesn’t want to be late for her treatment. So of course my first question is “how are you”?, as I help her into the truck. That’s all I knew what to say at the time but I realized shortly thereafter my question was hollow to somebody with cancer. She says, I don’t feel too good today Dave but I’ll be OK. So I take her the 30 minute drive to her treatment and we talk. We talk about family, we talk about my late wife only because she asked, and we talk about hope for her! She is bald and she is beautiful. We get to the infusion center and she’s not feeling up to walking so I get a wheelchair and take her inside. She says she normally walks but today she’s feeling a little weak. After her treatment I drive her back home. As we get out of the truck she says she still is not feeling very well. She says she’s still weak but she’ll be OK. Halfway up her driveway, as we are arm in arm for support, she goes down taking me with her. As we laid it on the ground she said “Dave I am so sorry”. Huh? She’s sorry? I told her how sorry I was that I let her hit the ground. Now the need for me to share this story comes from all of this racial bull crap going around. Olivia is black and as you all know I am white. But we both hit the driveway the same way. On our asses😂. ❤️my girl Olivia

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