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Well said-

I copied this from Dennis Miller’s post- it was written by one of his followers. I think it’s spot on!

Truth, Fame and the American Flag

Disregard those excuses claiming Donald Trump’s “divisive” rhetoric is to blame for all the conflict in America and turmoil in the sports world. This nonsense has been escalating since 2008 and he is one of the few high profile names who actually had the courage to expose their duplicity without mincing words. The truth is, despite all the partisan finger pointing and anthem publicity stunts, the President was embraced as a positive force of change by Democrats, Republicans, racial activists and even liberal Hollywood for over 30 years. He was a welcomed guest at their private soirees, regularly hosted celebrities/dignitaries at his hotels and resorts, won awards for his social philanthropy, was applauded for his random acts of kindness, appeared on nearly every syndicated talk show, garnered fans from all segments of society and routinely interacted with many of his most vocal critics from today on a first name basis. To suddenly proclaim he is the scourge of humanity is to condemn his newfound adversaries by their willing association and unmistakable admiration.

It wasn’t until Trump announced his candidacy, or more profoundly when he actually won the presidency, that Democratic operatives and the media establishment viciously conspired to paint him as a racist, radical xenophobe who kicks puppies on Christmas and rapes women for entertainment. Before the man sought political office, he was never condemned as a white supremacist, let alone called a bigot or once questioned by police regarding a single, alleged sexual assault. These shameless tactics were nothing more than a desperate attempt to slander his name and cripple public support for the extensive change his populist reforms would inevitably bring.

Likewise, this entire National Anthem fiasco, which began long before his campaign ever ensued, simply gave those critics who already hated him and America to begin with but another platform to claim injustice beneath the public spectacle of “racism”. Donald Trump is not responsible for the disproportionate amount of crime in urban America, the number of single parent households, the prevalence of drug abuse, a protected foreign workforce or a growing lack of respect for the law, America and our fellow man. That distinction overwhelmingly belongs to the incessant victimization narrative of pandering lawmakers who would rather collect a paycheck then demonstrate the competence and resolve necessary to exact meaningful, lasting change. Just because political opponents and ignorant athletes choose to believe such sensational propaganda, hardly makes it true or excuses coddled athletes for refusing to stand at attention for a mere 60 seconds before every game to honor the very country and those brave individuals who make our way of life possible; including those black Americans who fought in the Civil War and every subsequent war to protect this nation and secure freedom around the globe.

The American flag and the national anthem were never truly politically contentious until Marxist cultural terrorists sought out to destroy anything that conveyed patriotism or remotely honored America’s “imperfect” heritage. The fact not a single American flag was initially visible at the 2016 Democratic national convention and their delegates successfully voted to exile God from their platform in 2012 before party leaders sought to quell public outrage, leaves little doubt as to the sheer level of radicalization that has destroyed the once proud party of JFK. As long as “We the People” possess faith in a higher power, a steadfast belief in a set of indelible ideals that supersede any man-made, oppressive state seeking to dictate every aspect of our lives, progressives know they can never fully achieve their goal of erecting a dependent, obedient populace that is more concerned with earthly pleasures, entitlements, than any virtuous calling that defines progress as the character of individual liberty.

The escalating racial discord and civil unrest engulfing America is hardly by accident, and by no means a coincidence, for it is a cultural coup of subversive design. The systematic unraveling of the traditional family unit, attacking our founding Judeo-Christian values and the increasingly crass and obscene behavior of violent activists are but a political means to an immoral end. As long as political agitators can hide behind false accusations of racism, homophobia and sexism as the media selectively reports the truth – immigration laws are cruel, only black lives killed by white cops matter, gay marriage will never legalize polygamy, gender conditioning is not child abuse, Obamacare is not an unmitigated failure, natural disasters are proof of unnatural global warming and patriotism is unchecked racial supremacy – they avoid having to engage in substantive debate, earnestly educating voters or being held accountable for their extremist views and endless litany of failures. Although freedom of speech and tolerance are always paramount, freedom from consequences and culpability are not human rights. They’re cracks in the foundation of any evolved, self-aware society inviting tyranny, dysfunction and corruption to conceive under the same roof.

Because the modern left knows it cannot logically defend a majority of their claims, not to mention their “moralized” fascist tactics, they attempt to create a sensational distraction by which to permanently polarize the masses and demonize anyone who dares expose their hypocrisy. If the American flag and national anthem are the unrivaled enemies of the black community, generations of minorities who now claim to be the sole victims of mass injustice and unfairly oppressed despite ample opportunities and special accommodations such as affirmative action, what exactly is Africa to all her descendants and indigenous people; a continent which continues to enslave, murder and impoverish millions of Africans with frightening efficiency and international indifference? Appreciation for one’s lot in life, respect for their country, would never duly exist if such conclusions were incumbent upon eradicating all dissenting opinion or politicizing every injustice and tragedy. Perspective is not a matter of favoritism or forced concessions, but a lesson in humility and personal reflection that demands our participation.

America is only forsaken when we take her for granted by allowing conniving malcontents obsessed with judging her past to divide us into bitter, warring factions incapable of reason or rationale recourse. Black and white, man or woman, rich and poor, gay, straight, or aspiring citizen…our strength is not in the brute totality of our numbers, but in the undying ideals we embody and our collective support for the one nation that tirelessly fights for their survival. If the struggle is indeed the glory and our journey a testament to how far we have come as a diverse and resilient people, the American flag has more than earned the right to fly free from politicized scorn or false strife on native soil. To protest or teach hatred of a respected symbol of freedom is to welcome the demise of the very country and natural born rights one claims to fraudulently represent.

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