One more time

R.I.P.**Justin Allen 23,🌹 Brett Linley 29,🌹 Matthew Weikert 29, 🌹Justus Bartett 27,🌹 Dave Santos 21, 🌹Jesse Reed 26, 🌹Matthew Johnson 21, 🌹Zachary Fisher 24, 🌹Brandon King 23, 🌹Christopher Goeke 23,🌹 and Sheldon Tate 27🌹….All 11 were Marines that gave their lives this week for everyone in this country. There is no media for them… not even a mention of their names. Honor them by copying and pasting this post.
Praying for Peace for their families and loved ones. 💔😪
Thank you all for your service. You all are Heroes!!!’
Rest in peace now❤️

How disgraceful is this. We used to run the names on the TV. This should be the least done. A movie star passes or musician or so called musician passes away all over the news!!! GOD BLESS THEIR FAMILIES AND LOVED ONES AND MAY THEY FORGIVE US FOR BEING SO IGNORANT. I APOLOGIZE FOR ALL OF US. THANK YOU TROOPS FOR THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE MAY YOU RIP AND FORGIVE US.

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