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GENOCIDE unchaninthetree.com write posts for over 120 different countries over 22,000 visitors. Perhaps this particular post was not meant for you. I will not be censored by you or anyone else not even my government. My recommendation to you and all other Nazis, that wish to censor others block my posts. Remember the 1st amendment. The items I post are done so to draw attention to the website. Unchainthetree.com, hell it got your attention and response. It’s called marketing, advertisement. Like it, don’t like it. The owners of unchainthetree.com, could care less about how you feel or what you think. God bless, Now: As the permanent representative of the United States to the United Nations, you play a critical role in advocating that do United Nations FORMALLY recognizes and declare that the acts committed by ISIS ARE genocide against Christians and other religious minorities, and we urge you to further that official United States policy at United Nations. It is imperative that the united nations formally recognize that the ongoing atrocities committed by ISIS against Christians, Yazidis, and ethnic minorities in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere constitute genocide for purposes of implicating the obligations of the international community pursuant to the convention on the prevention and management of the crime of genocide and a well-established responsibility to protect victims of genocide. While we call for swift and decisive action by the international community to stop the genocide of protect victims, we also are aware that the first step is for the united nations to formally recognize that the atrocities constitute genocide and to recognize all those victimized thereby, including Christians. But recognizing the brutality is only the beginning. We must also actively stop the beheadings, sex slavery, crucifixions, and other evil actions taken by ISIS to intimidate and illuminate Christians and other religious minorities from the face of the earth. The United Nations must lead the world in meeting our international legal and moral obligations. It is vital that United Nations stands against the evils of the ongoing genocide and use all available options to hold the genocide and protect victims—-by implementing appropriate penal tribunals, coordinating a more effective use of the coalitions military force, administering a more effective delivery of eight, and providing meaningful in region protection for victims such as the establishment of safe zones. The charter of the United Nations demands no less, and through the organs of United Nations, equipped as empowered by the genocide convention, do United Nations has the unique capability to end the genocide and protect the Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities victimized thereby. And it is your sole responsibility to make sure that this occurs.

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