WordPress.com — 503 Error

WordPress.com — 503 Error
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OK so today I received 268 spams. And I will try and answer your questions. First off I am a minister with the ULC church but I do not believe in organized religion. I consider myself a spiritualist I believe in Christ and the father and happy. Since I have been ordained I have married four couples and buried a good friend.

Walking in the dust of Rabbi Jesus. By Lois Tverberb.

And the trillion dollar conspiracy by Jim Marrs

All are highly recommended.

I will try and answer some of your questions. I’m not sure which operating system you went through to create your blog. I went through word press.com but in my particular thought, have to say that they have some serious problems.

But I’ve been trained in conflict resolution, and have a little bit of knowledge on how to work with them. Although sometimes my words can be rather harsh. Stephanie I use word press.com. It allows me to access their operating system, and other blogs that are associated with for example Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Path, Pintris, and a couple others I cannot recall I just had a brain fart. Initially signing up through word press.com cost nothing. Damn, I feel like I’m advertising for word press.com.

So after while when they decide that you filled up their operating system, they now charge me the business fair. I think it’s $130.80 or something like that per year. But as you can see by linking your web site to ( unchainthetree.com). It will post and be picked up by all the others. Additionally some of the one, Will contact me and I can sign them up as contributors. As a contributor you are allowed to do anything that you post on unchain the tree.com. Editing hoewere only your post not mine, or any other contributors.

The bird you see in the left top corner hummingbird with a small marijuana plant on his chest was designed by my son Chad. Actually the whole website was and I learned from there.

Thanks Doug; “treat the other man’s faith gently, that may be all he has an ”

Jessenia. Good info protect against hackers.

I’m so happy that you all found what your looking for. If you have any questions please feel free to send them to me and I can do the research on it.

Welcome all questions. God bless I’ll post more. Unchainthetrlike.com

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