Dear heavenly father we pray that you bless this family from beginning of time of Adam and Eve created by you have multiply we’re all family want to thank you for your continual support and trust in us always do the right thing Space, call Textline want to bless this household in this upcoming union as you bless each and everyone of us here today thank you for the nourishment this food for bodies and inspiration that we have for one another and the love that we shown for each other by coming here today, Lord Jesus name


Father just just one more thing God bless our troops without them we would not have the safety and freedom that we have now love of our country have now


Oh ! and father I almost forgot while I have the microphone I want to thank you for the all that hair loss I’m almost 60 and I no longer have to worry about the hair in my arms are so many other places on my body is everything just seems to befalling off, well not everywhere, I have noticed some hair where there was none before,

And the family said :

I really want to thank you for bringing all the Baker brothers together, we have not been here for long time, damn we’re looking old. As our family grows we pray for your continually protection.

And father I’m sure all the men here now will give you heart warming thank you for our wives, Sharon has TRUELY been my God send, and with out her this event could not have happened. I’m not sure if it because I’m lazy as she some times says or that I am more focus on you lord. At least that is my excuse and I’m sticking to it… Amen.

The other day while sitting in the back yard with. Howard and Barbara our music coordinators I stood up to show Howard a leak I have in the Garage and you Lord, cramped my right foot and threw my ass on the ground… Now I’m not sure what that was all about but sometimes you do things to us God which we can’t explain. We know you have an a ultimate purpose for us. Please keep it up. We are your cheerleaders. Goooo God.

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