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Google Or look on unchainthetree.com, Hillary and M. Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood and you see why. NAZIS


Yellow Journalism

Preaching is not illegal. However you must not do it on government property. Around 1999 and the preacher by the name of Steve who would preach under the Banyan tree on Maui, He too had been arrested several times for preaching under the Banyan tree. The officers were kind and told him he could do it on the eve or near the curb but not under the monument of the Banyan tree. Now let me ask your question. If you’re at a theater, Or camping on the state park. Would you want to be interrupted by hearing a constant preacher? And now I’m sure many of you’re aware not everybody in America is a Christian. And whether you’re a Christian or not, You too may not want to be interrupted in your daily life by someone preaching the Bible. Many Christians go to church to hear such preacher. Others do not believe in the foundation of the modern day church. And my preacher friend Steve died last year in a vacant church by himself. He to did not believe in the modern day church. And for those who you who say the officer acted improperly. I disagree. Many of you do not understand Law Enforcement. And never will. Education is the key. Personally I believe when Jesus returns I’m not so sure he’s going to be real happy with all these t, ( the holy cross). On which he died. But even though there are some people who wear the instrument of death of one of their children around their neck. Maybe a bullet, knife, or how about a car that ran over your mother or your father. Believe in what you believe in. But as Jesus said; render unto Caesar that which he believes is his and to God which he owns. Even the Bible preaches we must obey the laws regardless what you believe in. Education is the key. The officer looks around and says where’s my security. What he was talking about is the security officer who is assigned to DMV For his statements as to how many times he asked him to leave. Please educate yourself. See more just like this on, unchainthetree.com. God loves you and so shall I. Again, Facebook only tells the partially story. The story of the person who looks the worst. Whether it’s in the newspapers or on television yellow journalism is well and alive. Read a book….” The Emperor Wears no Clothes”. By Jack Herer. A lie is a lie. The first recognition of yellow journalism’s was started by William Randolph Hearst. Those if you don’t know him was the paper magnet charge of all the newspapers in New York City and in Chicago. We all remember The 1937 video on the destruction and the demonization of the hemp plant. Hearst use your journalism for the purposes of eradicating the plant. At the bequest of the United States government. Hearst was best friends with Dupont, son-in-law was Mellon Who was the first in charge under… Well read the book. God bless. And don’t believe everything you read in the papers OR TV. God loves you and so shall .

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