Wow, haters, are going to hate, hate, hate. I read most of the verbal vomit that some of these people have written. And it was necessary for me to respond. We have a great country. I served during Vietnam and I’m proud of that fact. Some of you have done nothing. Afterwords I join the California Highway Patrol and spent 32 years in law-enforcement. And yes I knew I was going to be hated by some and it’s because you don’t know shit about the task my Father called upon me. And yes you all have certain opinions. You take bits and pieces of the trash you read whether it’s from news papers whatever and failed to do any research. If you did and I’m talking to all of you, marijuana would now be legalized in every state. Kennedy said; this is not a democratic issue and it’s not a Republican issue it’s an American issue. Where is the America I grew up with? Good president, bad president, time will tell. Personally I haven’t liked any president since John F. Kennedy, and they have assassinated him. ( food for thought) But as a military man born and raised I will always defend my president. Don’t you find it interesting that there are more marines that are volunteering for Washington to serve the president than ever before. Yes again I don’t agree with everything he does. But I sure don’t believe in you haters. Three shootings in churches in the last three years. Courage, professionalism, respect, integrity, honesty, principles, what did your school teach you? It saddens me to see what my country has become. And until all the haters on the other side’s can stand up with one another, we will as a nation remain divided. Whether it’s religion based, the color of your skin or the fact that you speak a different language. Many of my brothers and sister died during Vietnam. And every war since then, thank you President Bush, times two. Wouldn’t it be nice to let the old man who start the wars, fight the wars and stop letting our children die for them.

I cry when I think what is happening to America. We will fail. Not because of some orange president in the White House or a black president such as Obama. America will fail because you can’t bring it together. And I’m preaching I guess to all of you. Hate one another on your own time. I have preached this to my own children. Your vulgarity and insults do nothing but create more anger, hatred, and division.

Congratulations to that end. You must be prepared for America to fail. You sure in the hell haven’t done anything on this particular subject.

Love it or leave it, is a stupid ass comment. Since when did we decide to throw our people away. We must bring them back into the fold. You must teach them correctly. Any teachers out there? Have you done your part for our children? Obviously our parents too are not doing what they should. Single-parent family may not work , white or black.

I’m not going to call you a name. A vulgar name. I’m not going to disagree with you on your personal thoughts. But my personal thought is; America will fail. All because of YOU.

Judge not that yea be judge.

May my Father bless America.

I say my Father because as a minister, I’ve seen many of you do not believe in the same God as I do.


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