Ok! This message is for Chris Volitaryist. Our planet is made up of a variety of different people. And we have many, many habits. Each and everyone of us is unique. We smoke, drink, eat stuff that horrible for us and risk our lives daily.

Now the last time I checked, there were 65,000 death in our America, every year for years, due to drivers who are intoxicated. Ok! I understand that the three of you have some type of hard on for the Great State of Tennessee DUI CHECK POINT, but just give a minute to address your, wonder film, that much helps America.

The younger officer was obviously mistaken, and a female officer approaching some country bumpkins, IN A PICK UP TRUCK, I believe the officer acted correctly.

But….. You don’t know that do you?

And that’s ok. You have never been educated in the training these officers have received. When I joined the CHP I believe there were 2000 hours of training, now much, more under extreme taxing conditions.

So what does she do….she directs you to pull in where you are met by Sgt. Cox.

Who, to me seems to be prior military. His mannerism match a military man, who immediately took charge. And yes he told you that the vehicle’s driver has the right to turn around prior to the check point.

First, thank you for your cooperation in the Sergeant’s requests. You are a great America. I can see that. The three of you riding around, delaying and obstructing officers who are just trying to do a thankless profession. Good for you.

Oh! And I really didn’t see the vehicle that made the U-turn, but the officer saw it did you?

The greatest thing about being an officer is the feeling of being in control.

There is nothing more noble than defending the laws of land.

But you wouldn’t know anything about that either, would you?

Ok! TB just beat the panthers and I’m going to kill zombies. And I’m done with you.

You and your kind is what is wrong with America. God bless,

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