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  1. Just a short prayer, everybody bough your head, stand on your head, lie down, sit up, bough down, God doesn’t care. My creator everybody calls God, Allah, whomever is right now, pretty angry. Now I know, I know this is a different concept, but hear me out, the earthquakes,tidal waves, hurricanes happening around our planet may, just may be God, sending us messages.

    So millions can die every year globally by pharmaceuticals, bad doctors, automobiles accidents, alcohol, tobacco, and the vaccines that you create, but you want to take away our right to defend ourselves.

    You people are insane. And it is insanity that is killing our children. EDP’s (Emotionally disturbed people) will always be.

    Now get this, Israel has not had a school shooting since 1974. Think about it. What could they be doing right? In 1974 Israel armed their teachers with assault rifles. Once again America’s behind the times. You cannot stop insanity.

    See more on unchainthetree.com

    I weep for my AMERICAN…..but to preserve it, I shall not give you my weapons. If you take the guns out of society they will use a hammer, A knife, a hatchet, I shovel, those who wish to kill will kill. God has blessed America, leave it the hell alone.


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