Wow! I had this great rant going on, trying to post it on Facebook. But somehow I lost it. Don’t know how to get it back. But I’m telling you this is one of the best videos I’ve seen in a long time. I can see both sides of the coin. But in conclusion I would have to say there’s only one thing I have in criticism of each side of this particular event. As a sergeant on the California Highway Patrol I would say that I personally little handed a little differently.

It would be much easier as the officer receives his identification, to write down information he was given. Hand him back his information. And say fine I’m handing you a written warning.

That’s it. That’s the end of it. Unless of course the gentleman wants to escalate it and say that he’s not going to sign the written warning. Or default. That should be the end of it right there. Problem is we’re just not paying attention to our hearts. I hope and I pray that everybody takes the time to Read Genesis 9.1.

To learn more I recommend you use your iPhone and your iPads or however your computer or whatever it is in our modern day society. But just look at tv information provided on unchainthetree.com.

Unchainthetree.com, does not truly offer any personal opinion. Ha! Ha! Ha!. Yeah we just provide information. Some like it some don’t. That’s OK, we really don’t care. I have been following the Lord my God for sometime now. And I must respond with what he commands.

Hand his information back to him. Have a nice day soon.

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