Trust the FDA I don’t think so Metformin nearly killed me. These are a list of and the bad stuff that could happen after decades. FDA, I don’t think so. Any body know who I can contact to sue these people. It first came to America as Glucophage and was invented in 1922 by a French doctor. America didn’t start using it until Canada and the UK used it. The FDA has approved these new vaccines for the COVID-19 virus in an awful hurried manner. And now there are adverse side effects happening in Canada and the UK. Glucophage became known as Met Forman I was passing out going by ambulance to the hospitals and the doctors didn’t know what was wrong and usually I was released within 45 minutes.

If we don’t do our own research and watch these doctors or scientists that are inventing New and approved methods for ailments, we are in trouble.

If you do your research you’ll see that met Forman has been recalled by the FDA. After I stopped using met Forman they put me on the mini med pump. Which automatically inject me with insulin. Please be careful and do your own research. If I am wrong let me know.

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