An Open Letter to President Barrack Obama, it’s been three years. I’m beginning to think our President just doesn’t care.

December 9, 2011

To the Honorable Mr. President Barack Hussein Obama,

Please sir forgive the intrusion of your daily life, your problems are overwhelming for all. I have no idea of what you go through on a daily basis. I have a problem. I believe you are the only person in America who has the ability to provide the solution. My, what power you yield.

Unfortunately there are literally millions of others affected by the same problem as I. Actually, it is a global problem but let us fix America first.

Last month in October, several Law Enforcement organizations with Federal Authority entered Riverside County in California and were able to serve several warrants on the Patient Collectives which provided Medical Marijuana to patients, thereby forcing all collectives to close down. Now Mr. President, surely I am not expected to obtain the medication I need other than lawfully. However that is what is occurring for many patients who have no other alternatives.

Mr. President, I am a retired California Highway Patrol Sergeant with 32 years of law enforcement behind me. During those years I believed in the “WAR on DRUGS “propaganda. I was led to believe that Marijuana was a danger to our society. We both know that is furthest from the truth. During my career I was trained as a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), backed by the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Mr. President I have arrested thousands and I have extensive knowledge in this field.

As a result of those arrests, I was involved in multiple accidents with injuries and the list of body parts injured but not all inclusive are: back, knee, legs, shoulders, head injuries and others. As time goes on these injuries also include arthritis and long residual pain. This is not a pity party, I have seen many others in need other than myself.

I have been supplied medication over the many years such as powerful narcotics like Norco and Soma as a muscle relaxant. I personally found that the amount of these dangerous pills can be reduced, if not stopped, with the use of medical marijuana. Medical Marijuana has no negative side affects, as where Norco and Soma continually lead to doctors testing liver function.

I am trying to tell you as much as possible before I get a microscope shoved up my butt as you and the federal government delve into my past, I am an open book. Please be kind to my family, I know that they and I are in jeopardy for writing you and that before long you will know everything about me and mine.

I have been providing Hospice service here in Murrieta and Temecula for the Inland Valley Nurses Association for the last couple of years and its not pleasant watching people die, not at any age. Especially when I sit there knowing there is something out there that they could use to soften the blow of death in their final hours.

It is funny, no Sir, sad actually, deplorable to think that big money in America can do so much to destroy our great nation. But we are seeing it firsthand. If my writing seems to have a flare for the dramatic, perhaps that is because I was ordained September 14, 2008 and I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, especially when it involves the injustices surrounding this remarkable ancient holistic plant.

America is and always will be to me and mine a Great Nation. I felt the need to join the United States Air Force, Security Police in 1972 and I did my duty to my country. I honorable separated in 1976, and continued with my field in Law enforcement. It truly bothers me that our brave and few are returning from war without the benefits of what Marijuana could provide.

Mr. President it is time for America to take the led again and legalize marijuana thereby restarting out economy. Mr. President, if you don’t know or have not heard, which I find it hard to believe, please watch the first several minutes of the documentary “The Union”, it speaks of marijuana 101, and see what the rest of us are seeing. Just the first five or six minutes should do.

Where are the marijuana stamps anyways? Please Mr. President do the right thing here and unchain the tree, known as the tree of life, a biblical term, so I have heard.

Please have your Federal Law Enforcement Agencies stop and redirect their services toward the national defense or elsewhere you see fit, and away from the suffrage of Americans.


Immediately legalize all marijuana substance, freeing it to Universities where appropriate studies can be performed and utilize the THC properties to be used in further medications and good medications made from this glorious tree.

The Shaffer report is an excellent resource. Of particular importance is their conclusion.

“Considering the range of social concerns in contemporary America, marijuana does not, in our considered judgment, rank very high. We would deemphasize marijuana as a problem. The existing social and legal policy is out of proportion to the individual and social harm engendered by the use of the drug.”

Mr. President the information is available to you and if anyone in Congress doesn’t know or anyone in your command turns a blind eye, shame on them too.

Please sirs do the right thing.

Your response would be greatly appreciated as soon as possible (your people are in pain). Mr. President should I not hear from you within 30 days I shall attempt other means to resolve my and America’s problem. I am not sure I have any other recourse. I was supposed to send this letter out November 28, 2011, however I kept stalling, and not really liking the ending to this wonderful letter to you which is going to change America forever, I read something which really caught my eye and sums up my concerns.

My Lovely wife Sharon bought for me the book “Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink” by Fox, Armentano, Tvert and just the introduction is an eye opener. I’ll be in suspense until I read your response. Obtain a copy and see what is written. I think it’s important.

My wife Sharon will tell me not to put this in but here goes: You know, maybe I should run for President, but only the honest can come with me. Let’s see who comes. That’s like put, up or shut up, isn’t it?

Aside from this Mr. President, you are doing a great job. And I am sorry for all those knuckleheads that think and say differently. I voted for you and I am sure my decision was the right one. I thought one of your first tasks would have been to legalize marijuana, knowing the truth and all, huh?

Sincerely, with my continual support, and prayers

Ronald George Baker, Retired California Highway Patrol Sergeant.

Reverend, Church of ONE, just me.

Boy do you sometimes feel alone?/






Well hell it looks like it’s up to the republicans.

5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to President Barrack Obama, it’s been three years. I’m beginning to think our President just doesn’t care.

  1. Don’t think I’m addressing the question at the end of the blog but I’ll answer the one on the Facebook post about research. It must be an OCD thinks with me but I must be accurate when it comes to medical, legal and police procedure. For Gemini, my debut novel to be published by Black Opal Books I’ve accumulated about 15 folders on the above, forensics, psychosis and more. For my new WIP I’m researching MMA and teaching myself how to write rap. Already made contacts to assist on social media. Great blog, Jami!
    Gafas Oakley Radar


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