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My name is Ron Baker, I am going to liberate the tree. If it takes the rest of my life.

Regardless who your fathers, father supported, should we destroy our past…someone said, that we are celebrating slavery with these monument, therefore they are tearing them down….so do we destroy Mount Rushmore? After all these four men owned slaves…… blow it up…blow it up….and we will be no better than Radical Islam as they march through Europe and destroy own heritage., after all the sphinx has no nose. God help America…..unchainthetree.com


Here’s my pot of gold.

Drunken ant at her/his, ( hard to tell ) first luau

Drunken ant. Hey! Anybody seen Chuck Whitmore’s. bear? Love to all.

Thanks for your response. God bless

Unchainthetree.com uses WordPress.com many of you commented about wishing to write for our website.

Send me a request through WordPress.com. It requires you to join them, however, there’s no initial charge and I operated for almost 2 years without paying anything.

I have other contributors as well.

I want to thank all of you for the great comments I’ve been operating out for over five years for the purposes of legalizing marijuana. In those five years I’ve only received two negative comments. And most enjoy the website.

You can also come contact me on Facebook. Retired8993@msn.com, Google, tweeter, and most others, oh , and XBOX……..Go figure a 62 year old man. Likes killing Zombies. God bless, P.S. be sure to check out my new site treeunchainedca.com,,,, due to Prop. 64 passing, it’s now lawful in California, recreational marijuana use.

Happy Day

Honor those fallen