Does anyone realize or know what yellow journalism is?

As everybody knows  was designed specifically for the purpose of legalizing marijuana in my lifetime. And yes we have come along way. Colorado, Washington, Oregon, have all legalized marijuana.  And 20 states have medical marijuana.  Perhaps we can get some  statistics from those states as well? But I highly doubt it. Is a requirement in those states that have medical marijuana to be issued a license by a specific doctor. Personally, this is what I think many medical alments have been cured and or sedated with the use of medical marijuana.   We have had medical marijuana in California since 1996.   Prop 215 was one of the best things that has ever happened. Since then how many of those people using medical marijuana have been to a hospital ER for the purposes of overdosing on marijuana? I interviewed a young doctor at the Ouch clinic here in Temecula.   The actual one that treats many of the San Diego Chargers players. And when I asked her about medical marijuana her comment was simple, ” I don’t believe in it”.😓🍷🙏


Now after 10-12 years + of education as a doctor how you could possibly say you don’t believe marijuana? Hell women don’t you watch the news? Something is very wrong with our education system. Or as in many schools across the nations the students are not paying attention and they’re giving a passing grade just to and from one teacher “just move them along, they’re the next teacher’s problem.”  But like my wife says somebody had to get a C grade.  What happens to the D’s.

Medical license in California is good for one year and then must be updated.   I collect my medical marijuana from a dispensary. No doctors after the initial doctor. Unlike with Other Doctors, those who don’t believe in it or will not issue the license are able to maintain a constant flow of money every time they write a prescription. There’s an interesting disparity between the number of people who are from Colorado, and those that are non-residents, to arrive  in emergency room. Also in the article I am going to post for you, they never mentioned any other psychotic drugs they’re taking for any psychosis and depression and every other medical issue they may have.

Now as a DRE Sergeant for the California Highway Patrol,I found while working in East Los Angeles. That the variety of citations written for people going over the speed limit of 100 mph. I needed to question my self and the citation. And all talking to many of my officers they would notify me that they had smelled alcohol on their bad breath and given them a series of tests including the PAS device, which gives the officer their current blood alcohol content.
So through my current commander, Pete Ramos and his lieutenant Laura Dummer at the time I was given the permission to contact the Academy which I did to them I was allowed to conduct the class. My train of thought was all though these people may be very low and alcohol content they may also be on a variety of different chemicals including marijuana.

Well now we’re actually doing a realistic evaluation of the people who are driving at 100 miles an hour.

Or and get this there’s no mention of them also having tobacco nicotine alcohol in their bloodstreams this is a classic example of yellow journalism once again to demonize the plant I’m sure no I’m positive the marijuana helps a variety of symptoms and maybe these people don’t need to go to the ER.

Can you imagine the millions of people now that are using medical marijuana and recreational marijuana, I stopped using all pharmaceuticals such as Norco, soma, OxyCotton’s, Oxsee morphine, and a variety of different others. And while using those pharmaceuticals six of my top front teeth began to break and according my dentist , who is a doctor said it was because of The pharmaceutical which broke down my teeth.Who do you believe?


the head line should read Doctors in Colorado are pissed ..” Let’s make up some real bullshit,  and stop marijuana…damn man we’re losing money”


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In 2015 the state of Colorado took in more revenue from cannabis/marijuana/ than alcohol. That means sales were down in Colorado in alcohol. Who on this great planet think that is a bad thing?

Of course the Alcohol industry…..pharmaceutical industry….paper industry and multiple others.

No. I know I am all over the page on this and have always been…….but the point comes down to this… And I do my research I am at least three different types of media. And normally they do not agree with you. The New England medical journals lesson is this, don’t believe everything you read. We have some very important voting to do soon please please don’t The New England medical journals lesson is this, don’t believe everything you read. We have some very important voting to do soon please please don’t be like all the others in the past and vote for someone who is just simply wrong for you to use. I got it.
Most just vote by mail and truly that’s all you really know about your candidate.

Or your own personal Yellow Journalisn.

Or hey! Thanks for watching. On a side note…if you enjoy Ellen DeGeneres, check out Gladys. That’s who I’m for….finding someone who will tell the truth, is extremely difficult to for finding someone who will tell the truth, is extremely difficult. To me the last President who was worth a shit was John F. Kennedy, but of course he was killed, thanks LBJ, http://www.who killed our president, by Jesse Ventura.

Other than that I must bad, we need to grow bohemian grove , The Georgia guide stones’s, illuminati, and there are variety of different conspiracies out there. You should check them out. And in closing as always

Oops! One more thing, I have been studying some of the and ancient writings of our past, including the King James version of the Bible, the Torah, Genesis 1:29 is very specific. God gave every fruit bearing plants to Adam and Eve. And he said every food bearing plant shall be for food. He didn’t say….except marijuana.

God bless, I hope you always make the right choice.

Masons, illuminati, 911, building seven, Israel declares war on humanity ,who do you believe?

GOD’S given Epiphany #1. I have only one son. And I had many discussions on different parts of the world and I recall I was speaking to him about Africa and Lake of Chad. 30 years ago it was announced that, lake Chad was diminishing. Last month I watched or read a National Geographic article on ” there is no longer a Lake Chad”. I believe all the tribal people have moved westerly. Can you imagine you a bushman and having to move to the larger cities Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, South to Yemen, all in search of water? Gone the lakes are drying up? Take a look at Shasta. Sure it might take what ? Maybe a couple of hundred year, a couple of thousand years, some say the planet has been around for 30 million years or even billions. So! Climate change, we know the South Pole is melting, which is causing the oceans to rise, and we are running out of water? Why aren’t we building more desaltification plants? I know, do you? When I started, I had no idea how much God would change my life. While I was totally invested in my chosen career. I personally believe that the law-enforcement career we chose was more fun, than the dangers we encounter. When my wife (Sharon) and I were working on the graveyard shift, with the California highway Patrol, drank from a glacier in Alaska. Someone commented “shits so good it should be bottle down”. Someone started bottling plant. Those of you who have been fortunate enough to visit,, no they’re on my website I post a lot different subject matter. From conspiracy theorists like, Alex Jones, to a self proclaim religious man, such as, Louis Farrakhan. I post subject matter from aliens to human biological bugs. Diseases, The Egyptian Pyramides or faces on the moon or Mars. Again, my wife Sharon believes I am insane and perhaps I am. But I am a self-proclaimed spiritual follower of God. Sharon💍💙 and I have been married now for 28 years and as she will tell you, in the beginning Ron told me; “The only person I love more than you is God”. And the other thing I told Sharon, was ” you don’t know what your in for”. I am a man of my word. Interesting enough, having all this time doing this, I seem to be focusing on everything perfectly, particularly God. As most of you know, I post most everything. The Masons, Illuminati, The Snake Brotherhood, The Royal Families, nothing is sacred, or is it here to offend you. is responding to the world and is here for the patients of the planet. Primary point is to educate planet. Like the old television series, Believe It Or Not, not everything you see is for you. There are a few things I avoid for example; Pornographic Although I personally enjoy your particular style of entertainment, there are certain topics I will not go to on my website. However if you would post something, non-erotic, I would be more than happy to reblog. I would much rather have viewer’s attention to the issue rather than to a woman’s Genitalia. Do you know what I mean? I want the world to focus on the urgency of legalizing. And if you feel me that’s OK, I don’t want them feeling themselves. And although I have contributors, as it stands your website is too pornographic. For that reason I hope you understand, no offense, I need to block you. Good luck with your site. You are definitely not alone on the net. I on the other hand desire to stay unique and offer items of speciality. Not this, I can see in my own boudoir. And as always God bless. So when you are viewing one of the topics that causes you to feel your personal sensitivity, get over it. It Wasn’t meant for you. Thanks for viewing, legalize marijuana.