The Whore of Babylon

M.R. Sunwall’s The Whore of Babylon is perhaps the most important Book of the 21st century…about the 5th century   Delving into Sex, Sin, and the City (-State) M. R. Sunwall’s The Whore of Babylon reveals the story behind the destruction of the ancient world and the rise of the flawed gospel of Ceasaropapism. Now […]

Is that all just75?  How many lives were lost on his watch?  Impeach Obama: 75 Times The President Broke The Law

75 times President Obama broke the law since his inauguration in 2008.

“Monstrous and irreversible injustice”: Human rights groups, experts condemn repression by Saudi Arabia –

After mass beheadings of 47 people, human rights leaders challenge U.S. support for the extremist Saudi monarchy Source: “Monstrous and irreversible injustice”: Human rights groups, experts condemn repression by Saudi Arabia –

The Myth of the Good Guy with a Gun

The debate over guns in our country is filled with disinformation on both sides.  Yeah – you heard me – both sides.  Being someone who isn’t all that nuts about guns, I totally get that I don’t know everything and some of the stuff I think I know is probably wrong.  I would like to […]

Feds still weighing whether Bombardier should get taxpayer bailout

The federal economic development minister says Ottawa is examining the struggling aerospace giant’s request for financial aid. There is no timetable for a decision.

Lawmakers blast White House delay on Iran sanctions

Leading lawmakers, including supporters of President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, rapped the White House for delaying fresh sanctions on Tehran over its missile program, warning that the move would embolden it to further destabilize the Middle East.

On Africa

Certain areas in Africa are experiencing more flooding than usual. Romans built aqueducts to carry water hundred of miles from mountains to cities. Surely we can do the same to bring precious water from inundated regions to drier climates. Pump it and send it. we have oil pipelines time fro water pipelines as well. The […]

Pay attention America, Cool War: United States and China in the future of the global competition

Are we on the edge of a new Cold War era? Or, alternatively, every power struggle mindset has to be considered a lost legacy of the XX century and we’re headed to a new era of global cooperation? These are the big questions opening Cool War by Noah Feldman, a must read essay on the […]

The Purpose Of Government

Please read carefully: In the midst of a rancorous presidential nominating season, when we are bombarded every day with promises by politicians about how they will create jobs or educate our children better or get the economy rolling again, few if any candidates seem to grasp the purpose of government in America. The purpose of […]