WARNING…not for children.

Warning, warning, warning, warning, warning, warning, warning, warning, warning, warning.

This website is maintained and edited by the owner, and his son who helped him create unchain the tree.com. Visitors and followers as well as collaborators, should all make sure that the viewer discretion is advised. When I first saw that, well, what does that mean? 

Unchainthetree.com was created for the sole purpose of educating the people of our planet. Some of the articles and comments may be displeasing. This is an amazing globe we live on. It is filled with almost 8,000,000,000 people and many have been mentally manipulated to believe in the establishment.
Viewer discretion advised.

Viewer discretion advised.

It comes down to this, if you are weak in mind or spirit and in your heart, perhaps this website is not for you. Hell! I didn’t like some of the things I posted!

We are trying to educate the planet’s people. We thank each and everyone of you for the opportunity to learn just a little more from each other. UNCHAINTHETREE.COM has been operating for over three years now and over 80 countries are following us.

There is only one God! There is only one God! There is only one God! There is only one God!

                                   BUT IN MY CREATOR’S HOUSE THERE ARE MANY ROOMS.

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