The Trump Moment

You know, I actually started this blog 3 years ago.  I labored over a few drafts but I always found reasons not to publically post any of my thoughts.  It actually became a source of tension in my life;  I had a real desire to write and share my thoughts but whether it was writer’s block, […]

Where’s the Line?

First things first, I have to just express how incredibly thankful I am for the outpouring of support on my last post. Your kind words about my singing — shucks guys — thank you. So I was in Whole Foods yesterday, waiting in line — because there are legit 50something registers at the WF Union Square […]

We should listen to our past.  The Death of Christian Education: Is the Writing on the Wall for Biblical Literacy?

From the soundtrack to the new Bond movie, ‘Writing on the Wall’ (a reference to the Book of Daniel) to Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise which opens with the lyrics “Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of death’ all of it testifies to the reality that, despite the increase of secularisation, Christianity continues to […]

How I became a woman – with a little help from PJ Harvey

Victoria Roskams shares her thoughts on music, gender identity and feeling comfortable in your own skin Many of us can credit a certain woman, maybe a family member, friend, teacher, a politician or historical figure, in our lives with this – the big moment, or series of moments, which helped us feel comfortable with ourselves as […]