The United States isn’t a democracy. We are a constitutional republic. Over all, the system is pretty good and usually works, eventually. Except when it comes to election law and picking a president. The first time this became apparent, it was 1800. The U.S. was a mere 4-year old. It was only our second national election because George […]


Attn: Ellen (1/27/16)

Front Back (apologies for my handwriting!) The text of the postcard is Dear Ellen, Watching political debates is very confusing for me. It’s maddening, depressing and oddly makes me think briefly (very briefly) “I should run for an office.” And that thought is sincere! I think that because I think I could help, and do […]


Hey the truth will set you free. The Jesus Logic

Here is a syllogism to explain Jesus logic; Jesus walked on water. Cucumbers are 80 per cent water. I can walk on cucumbers. Therefore I must be 80 per cent Jesus. Here is another. Jesus turned water into wine. I can drink wine and turn it into urine. Urine is an icky kind of water. […]