The Jews who boycott Trump at AIPAC conference betray Judaism

From the news media: 300 American rabbis, Jewish figures vow to boycott Trump’s AIPAC speech. A group of American rabbis is planning to boycott an upcoming speech at the AIPAC conference by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. About 300 rabbis and other Jewish public figures, led by Rabbi David Paskin, have created a Facebook group […]

A Dissenting View On Our Host’s Article “England Moves To Bar Support For Israeli Boycott Movement”

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor While I am usually in agreement with Professor Turley’s views on free speech, I must disagree in large part with his opinion as he states in his article concerning England moving to bar support of local governments to boycott Israel and by extension other governments. I do agree with his […]

Jonas swallows Washington, D.C.

on the 43rd anniversary of SCOTUS Roe vs Wade -one of the most polarizing cases in U.S. history, which infamously legalized abortion.

The Church and Israel

Understanding the relationship of the Church and Israel is essential to understanding the meaning and theme of Scripture and therefore important for understanding Jesus. I thought this article by Shane Scott from Public Discourse was excellent. Worth a read: Why Christians Shouldn’t Be Zionists

Masons, illuminati, 911, building seven, Israel declares war on humanity ,who do you believe?