We should be worried. Somali ‘refugee’ influx continues unabated

Somali refugees get ready to meet with city officials in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Islamic State’s Cyber Army used an online cellphone app to post a “kill list” of names, addresses, phone numbers and other personal information on 36 police officers in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. The FBI said this week it is investigating […]


Kill ‘Em All – Build a Wall

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” –  Dalai Lama I was reading the comment section of my local television stations website this morning about the latest attack in the Brussels Airport and subway station. This is the place where anonymous citizens can post their “thoughts” about the topic at hand. The story […]


U.S. Constitution: Nearly perfect

We continue with our series on government according to the Founders, taken from clips of my latest book, “Liberty’s Secrets: The Lost Wisdom of America’s Founders.” But for a time, it did not appear that a constitution would even be formed. Earlier, the newly independent American States had lived under an extremely weak confederation, and […]


The Jews who boycott Trump at AIPAC conference betray Judaism

From the news media: 300 American rabbis, Jewish figures vow to boycott Trump’s AIPAC speech. A group of American rabbis is planning to boycott an upcoming speech at the AIPAC conference by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. About 300 rabbis and other Jewish public figures, led by Rabbi David Paskin, have created a Facebook group […]


Hulk Hogan gets $115M verdict in sex-tape trial

(Hollywood Reporter) Weighing free speech against privacy, a Florida jury has decided to uphold the sanctity of the latter by turning in a $115 million verdict against Gawker over its 2012 posting of a Hulk Hogan sex tape. Hogan brought the case three years ago after witnessing how Gawker, a 13-year-old digital news site founded […]


When is the press not the press.

I’ve been concerned about Donald Trump’s feud with Megyn Kelly. Then last night, she had a segment that “asked” about Trumps censorship of the press. His campaign denied press access to a reporter who they felt would write a negative review of Trump. It was just one example she had. As soon as she went […]


A modern man’s guide to be a complete bitch

I notice. Actually I notice a hell lot  of people around me. I guess that’s what you do when you end up being an auditor! Somehow, this habit works in my favor. I do not proclaim to be a face reader or something, but in 25 years of my life, I have a fair amount […]


Donald Effing Trump Isn’t A Joke Anymore

Donald Trump has become quite a spectacle in mainstream media as the 2016 Presidential Campaign has progressed. He is, put simply, extremely entertaining. But we’ve lost sight of the reality of the situation: Donald Trump is a dangerous candidate.


OR NOT?     Freedom of speech restrictions an issue at universities

Freedom of speech is a constitutional right for all Americans, but students are finding it increasingly difficult to express their opinions on some campuses that actively work to discourage or impede free speech.


Mob of 30 migrants chase girls through shopping center

(London Express) The gang, believed to be from Afghanistan, were filming the three youngsters aged 15, 16 and 17 on their mobile phones at the Sophienhof shopping centre in Kiel, northern Germany. Anxious passers-by, who were concerned that the mob might attack someone, called police who scrambled to the scene. But some police officers were […]