The Jews who boycott Trump at AIPAC conference betray Judaism

From the news media: 300 American rabbis, Jewish figures vow to boycott Trump’s AIPAC speech. A group of American rabbis is planning to boycott an upcoming speech at the AIPAC conference by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. About 300 rabbis and other Jewish public figures, led by Rabbi David Paskin, have created a Facebook group […]

The Utility of Extremism

One of the major issues with translating politics into action (as well metapolitics into politics) is the issue of where one’s positions fall relative to those of the audience he is trying to win over and what their own expectations are. Today there seems to be a stark binary on this issue; one side is […]


Behind the scene: Backstage he knows what he’ll do – yes  Go out there, rev up all the clueless Work them up into an Amurican lather Give ’em that old tried ‘n true red-meat blather But for now make ’em wait – let ‘em stew (Don, these jerks are too good to be true) In […]

41: What does a former president owe?  Really?  No Kidding?  Read a book.  See more on

A month or two ago, Jon Meacham released his biography of George HW Bush (41). Accompanying that book was a fascinating New York Times article, which detailed some of the most newsworthy aspects of the biography. The most prominent bit was 41’s criticism of George W. Bush’s (43) cabinet, targeting Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld […]

The Purpose Of Government

Please read carefully: In the midst of a rancorous presidential nominating season, when we are bombarded every day with promises by politicians about how they will create jobs or educate our children better or get the economy rolling again, few if any candidates seem to grasp the purpose of government in America. The purpose of […]